What is included in the registration price?

Your camp registration includes your bunk accommodations for 2 nights, 5 meals during your stay, open bar cocktail hour, all workshops and camp activities, yoga classes, access to a private pond, kayaks and canoes, and wine!

What is not included?

This year’s camp venue is a little more rustic than last year. We are really channeling the authentic summer camp vibe. That being said you will need to bring your own sleeping bag or linens for your bunk and a towel. Other items you might want to bring: extra snacks, yoga mat (some mats will be provided but if you like your mat then definitely bring it), your super fancy outfit for the dance party, pool floatie, beach towel and anything that might help you relax.

what are the accommodations like?


can we bring our mom friends?


are there any scholarship options?


is there wifi at camp?


am i too old to attend mom camp?


can I attend if I’m pregnant?

As we mentioned above this year’s venue is a more traditional summer camp. There are 11 chestnut cabins that each have bunk beds that accommodate 8-10 campers. Yes, it is rustic. If you are into reliving your girl scout summer camp memories you will love it. There is a large bathroom hall that is shared by all cabins a short walk from cabin row. You will find a beautiful welcome bag on your bunk that will help make your stay more comfortable. We hope you’ll embrace this traditional summer camp setting, get to know your bunk mates, and focus on the beautiful surroundings of Camp Wa Wa Segowea.


Yesss! There are options to reserve a whole cabin for you and all your mom friends (cabins can fit 8-10 campers) with a special discount if you do or there is a spot on the registration form where you can list who you would like to bunk with. We will do our best to make sure you are bunked with your friends.


Right now we are unable to offer scholarships. But please check back in the Spring as we may need volunteers that can enjoy all camp has to offer for a very discounted rate in exchange for helping here and there throughout the weekend.


Being at camp is about letting go of the digital burdens of day to day life and enjoying the surroundings of the Berkshire mountains. Therefore there is no wifi at camp. And cell reception is spotty unless for some AT&T customers. There is a landline phone you can use in the main lodge in case of an emergency and you can provide that number to your loved ones should they need to get a hold of you. You’ll have to wait to post those glorious camp photos!


No one is too old to attend Mom Camp! Whether you are a new mom who finally can leave her baby for the weekend or you are a veteran mom with years of child-rearing experience under your belt you are welcomed at camp. We believe a mix of moms makes for a great camp and everyone benefits!


Yes, absolutely! In fact, we have a special registration rate just for you! We encourage expectant moms to come to camp. It is a great excuse to get some time for yourself (especially if this is baby #2 for instance) before the new baby arrives. Our yoga instructor is well versed in prenatal yoga and we will make sure to have lovely non-alcoholic cocktails for you to enjoy. If this is your first baby, Mom Camp is a great opportunity to meet other moms who maybe from the same region as you too.